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Famous Bears - T

Teddy Robinson

Teddy RobinsonTeddy Robinson is a big, friendly teddy bear. He has light brown fur, brown eyes and belongs to a little girl, Deborah. Deborah is a five year old girl from England and she loves her teddy bear. Together, they experience fun adventures around the house and with their friends.

Teddy RobinsonThe cuddly Teddy Robinson is accident-prone. He is accidentally sold at a flea market, he races downhill in a doll's pram and he disappears in an unknown lady's shopping bag. Children will be amused by the hilarious adventures of the teddy bear.

The Teddy Robinson books were written and illustrated by the English Joan G. Robinson. Besides Teddy Robinson, she also wrote the children's stories 'Mary Mary' and 'When Marni Was There'. In total she wrote 30 books. Teddy Robinson is a real teddy bear. He is owned by the daughter of Joan Robinson, Deborah, who herself appears in the stories.


Thornton is a polar bear, who is permanently on vacation. Since drifting into the lagoon on an iceberg, he decided he would spend his winters on Kapupu Island: reading on the beach, sipping on a cocktail.


Thorton appears in the newspaper comic 'Sherman's Lagoon', drawn by Jim Toomey. As of 1991, a group of sea animals experience all kinds of adventures: Sherman the Shark, his wife Megan and son Herman. Fillmore the Turtle and his adopted son, Clayton. Hawthorne the Crab and Ernest the Fish.

Sherman's Lagoon

Three Bears

'The Three Bears' are a family, consisting of Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Junior Bear. Dad is a loud-mouthed, short tempered know-it-all, while Junior is an overweight, clumsy buffoon. The two are constantly in each other hair, while Mama Bear always ended up in the middle. To restore order, she often resorts to giving a good whack with a rolled up newspaper.

They first appear in a 1944 cartoon: 'Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears'. Papa Bear tries to feed his hungry family, by re-enacting the fairy tale 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. Then, when Goldilocks passes by, they will eat her. Unfortunately they don't have any pudding, so Mama Bear uses carrot soup. This does not tempt Goldilocks, but none other than Bugs Bunny.

the Three Bears & Bugs Bunny the Three Bears

The other four shorties:

  • 'What's Brewin', Bruin?' (1948): Papa Bear decides that the family must begin hibernation. But as Mama Bear is snoring and Junior's cradle is creaking, Papa Bear is kept awake;
  • 'Bee-Deviled Bruin' (1949): It's breakfast time, but the honey pot is empty. Therefore Papa Bear and Junior raid a nearby bee hive;
  • 'Bear Feat' (1949): Daddy Bear reads a newspaper ad for a bear that can do tricks. He tries to get his whole family into shape;
  • 'A Bear for Punishment' (1951): It's Father's Day and Mama and Junior's well-meant gifts, only irritate Papa Bear.

The five cartoons were produced by Warner Brothers, in their Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series. The cartoons were drawn and directed by Chuck Jones.

the Three Bears

Three Bulgy Bears

Three Bulgy BearsThe Three Bulgy Bears are Old Narnians who, during the reign of Miraz, lived in hiding in an old hollow oak tree. Talking bears in the world of Narnia are very large, but friendly and likeable. They are portrayed as strong but gentle creatures, that sleep much and eat honey.

Bulgy BearWhen the Bulgy Bears encounter Caspian X for the first time, they accept him as their king and offer him honey. It was tradition in Narnia, that a bear was the 'Marshal of the Lists' was. One of the Bulgy Bears held this position for Peter King, in his defeat of Miraz. A 'Marshal of the Lists' was a person who helped organize duels and made sure fights were fair.

The 'Chronicles of Narnia' were written by British author C.S. Lewis (1898-1963). De 'Chronicles of Narnia' is a seven-part children book series and is considered a classic of children's literature. The books were written in the period 1949-1954, but not in chronological order. These are the seven books, as they came to be classified:

  1. The magician's nephew, part 6, completed in 1954, published in 1955;
  2. The lion, the witch and the wardrobe, part 1, completed in 1949, published in 1950;
  3. The horse and his boy, part 5, completed in 1950, published in 1954;
  4. Prince Caspian, part 2, completed in 1950, published in 1952;
  5. The voyage of the dawn treader, part 3, completed in 1950, published in 1952;
  6. The Silver Chair, part 4, completed in 1951, published in 1953;
  7. The Last Battle, part 7, completed in 1953, published in 1956.