Care Bears

The Care Bears live in a magical place called Care-a-Lot. It’s made up of clouds and rainbows, from where they watch over the feelings of all children around the world. Whenever they hear a “Care Bear Alert”, they know they are really needed. Their motto is “Caring is what counts”.

The Care Bears were released in many countries and everywhere they are named different:

ArgentinaLos Ositos Cariñosos
BrazilUrsinhos Carinhosos
CanadaLes Câlinours
FranceLes Bisounours
GermanyDie Glücksbärchis
HungarySzíves Bocsok
ItalyGli orsetti del cuore
Netherlandsde Troetelbeertjes
NorwayCare Bears
PolandTroskliwe misie
PortugalCare Bears
SpainLos Cariñositos


There are ten original Care Bears, which were followed by 14 other bears in the eighties. Meet all the Care Bears with information about their gender, colour and belly symbol. You can find them on our page with all the Care Bear characters.

In all the films and TV series the bad guys try to stop the Care Bears in their good intentions:
Professor Cold Heart, his assistant Frost Bite and sometimes auntie Freeze.
Wizard No Heart, his bumbling apprentice Beastly and ill-tempered cousin Shreeky.
And furthermore Nicolas and the Evil Spirit, Dark Heart, The Wizard of Wonderland and his assistants Dim & Dumb, the Evil Rat King and Evil Vizier. In 2002 came the rat Sir Funnybone and in 2007 Grizzle.


The Care Bears are characters designed by American Greetings in 1981 for greeting cards. The original illustrations were drawn by Elena Kucharik. In 1983, Kenner Products, a toy manufacturer made the Care Bears into plush dolls. Each bear has a different colour and a symbol that stands for its mission and personality. The symbol is known as their tummy symbol.

From 1985 to 1988, the Care Bears had their own TV series and 3 movies were made: The Care Bears Movie (1985), Care Bears Movie 2: A New Generation (1986) and The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland (1987).

In 2002 the Care Bears were reintroduced as a new toy by Play Along Toys. As part of the comeback, two computer-animated movies were produces: Journey to Joke-a-lot (2004) and Big Wish Movie (2005). In 2007 another movie was produced, Oopsy Does It!

Muriel Fahrion designed the first six Care Bears for greetings cards, and then Elena Kucharik took over and drew hundreds of greeting cards.

A toy line is made by Kenner Products and as support, the first TV special: The Land Without Feelings.

The second TV special: The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine.

The Care Bears play in their first movie: The Care Bears Movie. Later that year, a TV series is produced that eventually would be 22 episodes long.

The second theatrical movie: Care Bears Movie 2: A New Generation. In that year also began the new TV series: The Care Bears TV Series, which would run for two seasons and 70 episodes.

The last cinema movie: The Care Bears’ Adventure in Wonderland.

In this year, the TV movie The Care Bears Nutcracker Suite is produced. The movie was originally intended as a cinema movie, but the poor results of the last movie it was shown straight on the TV.

For the 20th anniversary of the Care Bears, American Greetings brings a new line of dolls, toys and movies. The Care Bears are redesigned and adapted to todays standards.

A DVD with the movie: Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-lot.

The second DVD with: The Care Bears’ Big Wish Movie.

Again in 2007, the Care Bears are re-released in a new design, as part of the 25th anniversary. Including new dolls, a new movie: Care Bears: Oopsy Does It! and a new TV series: Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-lot consisting out of 26 episodes over two seasons.

Care Bear Theme Song

I wanna be a Care Bear
Oh, it will be so great to when I’m a Care Bear
Oh, I can hardly wait to be a Care Bear
And do the things Care Bears do.
Oh, I wanna be a Care Bear like you!
You do?
I’ll be like Funshine and make the sun shine
And have a heart like Love-a-lot.
I’ll be like Wish Bear and always be there.
We’ll be the luckiest bears in Care-a-lot.
I wanna be a Care Bear
And fill the world with love
To be a Care Bear is what I’m dreaming of.
We’ll make a great pair
We’ll stick together through and through, like glue.
I don’t wanna be a cook or a fireman
I don’t wanna play trombone in the marching band.
I just wanna be a Care Bear, like you!
I just wanna be a Care Bear