the Three Bears

The Three Bears was a long-running comic in the British magazine The Beano. The first episode was in number 881 of June 6, 1959, drawn by Leo Baxendale, who later was succeeded by Bob McGrath. The last weekly comic was in issue 2253 of May 14, 1988. After that The Three Bears regularly returned in The Beano, Beano Annuals and BeanMax.

Ma and Pa Bear and their young son Teddy (Ted) are lazy and greedy, they live in a cave on a hill. Most episodes are about their attempts to steal food from the local shopkeeper Hank.

The Beano

The Beano is a British children’s comic, published by DC Thomson & Co. Ltd. The magazine first appeared on 26 July 1938 and was published weekly. During the Second World War, The Beano was published two weekly, because of the paper shortage, but from 1949 the comic was published every week again.

Dennis the Menace, Roger the Dodger, Minnie the Minx, The Bash Street Kids and Billy Whiz became well known by generations of British children. Only earlier generations will remember Little Plum, Biffo the Bear Big Eggo and Calamity James, who now have disappeared from the comic.