Teddy Ruxpin

A brave young Illiop, Teddy Ruxpin and his best friend an Octopede, Grubby, discover a treasure map and half of a medallion. Teddy decides to find the mysterious treasure. Together with Grubby they leave their homeland Rilonia and set out for the land of Grundo, where the treasure is hidden. Sixty five episodes it takes them to eventually find the treasure. They meet with lots of mostly friendly creatures and visit intriguing countries.

When Teddy and Grubby first arrived in Grundo, they were saved from some troublesome bounders by Newton Gimmick. From then on, Gimmick became the third member of our inseparable trio. Gimmick is an inventor whose inventions rarely work. His greatest and most useful invention to date is the airship, a giant flying boat carried by a large hot air balloon. Without the airship, they would never have had so many adventures.


The series was inspired by a cuddly toy bear with moving eyes and mouth that was marketed with a long-playing audio tape inside its tummy. The Teddy Ruxpin character was developed by Ken Forsse who created the loveable Teddy Ruxpin for his children to teach them basic values.

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Map of Grundo