Colargol lives in a forest. He is a small bear cub, who loves to sing but has a terrible voice. While walking through the forest, he makes friends with the birds and they introduce him to the King of the Birds. He gives Colargol a magic whistle, which makes his singing sound lovely. He joins the Pimoulu Circus, makes a lot of friends and becomes a great success as ‘Colargol, the Singing Bear’. When Colargol decides to leave the circus, Mr. Pimoulu doesn’t want his star to leave and decides to lock him up in a cage, but one of Colargol’s friends helps him escape.

Colargol wants to learn to swim, but he gets swept into the sea and is picked up by a ship heading for the North Pole. They make him work very hard and he escapes from the ship and becomes friends with a penguin and finds his girlfriend Nordine their on the North Pole
He eventually decides he wants to go to the moon to see the stars.


Colargol was ‘born’ in France in 1960. His mother was Olga Pouchine, who created the Colargol stories for her son. About 10 years later, Albert BarillĂ© made a television series about Colargol. He made 52 episodes with Polish animator Tadeuzs Wilkoz and the series became a great hit. Colargol was, certainly in that time, an expensive series. One small animation movie of around 13 minutes costs more than fifty thousand dollar.

When the Colargol series was sold to other countries he got another name in the English speaking countries: Barnaby the Bear and in Canada he was known as Jeremy the Bear.

We’ve got the words and the clips to the theme songs, the English, the French original and others.