Baloo – Jungle Book

Baloo is the big, brown bear from Jungle Book. He is a laid-back, fun-loving bear-cub, and the most loyal of his friends. Baloo lives from moment to easy going moment. His priorities include finding a good tree to scratch his back, a comfy place for a long nap, and always being ready to help his buddies. Retaining most of these qualities into his adult life, Baloo met up with the man-cub Mowgli and help the child find his place in the world.

Jungle Book originally is a book by Rudyard Kipling, a British writer. Click here for a short biography. Click here to find the Jungle Book story about Mowgli, Bagheera, Baloo and all the others.

Jungle Book

In Jungle Book, Baloo sings one of the classic from the movie: Bare Necessities. Play the clip beneath and sing along with Baloo.


TaleSpin is a spinoff of Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book.’ Set in the 1930’s in a city called Cape Suzette. Baloo is the pilot of a struggling courier service. His best friend Louie runs a nightclub/service station for pilots. Baloo is joined by an ex-pirate kid named Kit Cloudkicker, whose hobby is to soar through the air. With his navigational skills, both he and Baloo fly a Conwing L-16 plane called The Sea Duck. Whenever it has mechanical problems, Baloo’s absent-minded mechanic Wildcat is on the job.

When Baloo didn’t pay his bills, his business is repossessed and sold to Rebecca ‘Becky’ Cunningham. With her comes her daughter Molly. Out of job and without a plane, Baloo starts working for Becky’s business ‘Higher For Hire’ until he can buy The Sea Duck back from her.

Whether fighting Don Carnage and his air pirates, General Spigot and the Thembrian Government, or just plain competition from other pilots; Baloo is always willing to prove that he is the best pilot for any job.

TaleSpin intro