Franklin’s best friend is trustworthy and loyal Bear. They have many things in common, such as the love of sport and the love of eating. Bear loves exciting games in which he can use his imagination, such as spies, knights and pirates. Franklin, Bear and their friends have many adventures that teach them to develop their skills and overcome their fears.

Franklin is a Canadian animated television series, based on the Franklin the Turtle books by Paulette Bourgeois (writers) and Brenda Clark (illustrator). Each episode lasts 11 minutes and a total of 3 seasons were made with about 80 episodes. From the Franklin books, more than 60 million copies are sold in over 38 languages.

  • Beatrice ‘Bea’ Bear is the little sister of Bear, who learns a lot of her brother and she is close friends with Harriet;
  • Mr. Bear is the father of Bear, his statements are often repeated by Bear;
  • Mrs. / Dr. Bear is the mother of Bear and the doctor of Woodland;
  • Grandpa Ben Bear and Grandma Mabel Bear are the grandparents of Bear, they live on the farm ‘Great Bear Farm’.
  • Franklin the Turtle, a young turtle, who lives with his parents in Woodland. He goes to school and loves playing and learning in the world around him, together with his friends;
  • Harriet is the sister of Franklin, she teaches him how important it is to be a big brother;
  • Rabbit is the joker of the group of friends and always looks on the bright side of things;
  • Fox loves adventure and excitement, which he often experiences together with his friend Rabbit, together they are an explosive duo;
  • Beaver knows how to take charge, but she can sometimes be a bit bossy;