Three Bulgy Bears

The Three Bulgy Bears are Old Narnians who, during the reign of Miraz, lived in hiding in an old hollow oak tree. Talking bears in the world of Narnia are very large, but friendly and likeable. They are portrayed as strong but gentle creatures, that sleep much and eat honey.

When the Bulgy Bears encounter Caspian X for the first time, they accept him as their king and offer him honey. It was tradition in Narnia, that a bear was the ‘Marshal of the Lists’ was. One of the Bulgy Bears held this position for Peter King, in his defeat of Miraz. A ‘Marshal of the Lists’ was a person who helped organize duels and made sure fights were fair.

The ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ were written by British author C.S. Lewis (1898-1963). The ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ is a seven-part children book series and is considered a classic of children’s literature. The books were written in the period 1949-1954, but not in chronological order. These are the seven books, as they came to be classified:

  1. The magician’s nephew, part 6, completed in 1954, published in 1955;
  2. The lion, the witch and the wardrobe, part 1, completed in 1949, published in 1950;
  3. The horse and his boy, part 5, completed in 1950, published in 1954;
  4. Prince Caspian, part 2, completed in 1950, published in 1952;
  5. The voyage of the dawn treader, part 3, completed in 1950, published in 1952;
  6. The Silver Chair, part 4, completed in 1951, published in 1953;
  7. The Last Battle, part 7, completed in 1953, published in 1956.