Hair Bear Bunch

Hair Bear, a bear with a big, golden afro and his cousins Bubi and Square Bear, always struggle against the tyrannical Zoo keeper Mr. Peevly and his, somewhat dumb assistant Botch. He wants to make their lives at the Wonderland Zoo as difficult as possible, but Hair Bear always finds a way around all the trouble. He and his two friends always come out on top after a struggle with Mr. Peevly and Botch.

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The Wonderland Zoo is situated somewhere in a major US city. The Hair Bear Bunch have a cave there (Cave Block #9), which they cleverly redesigned. It looks like a simple solid rock, but it conceals all manner of luxuries and gizmos. Including a full sized pool table, a periscope and a fully fitted kitchen.

Hair Bear and his friends employ some increasingly sneaky methods to escape out of the confines of the Wonderland Zoo, right under the noses of Peevly and Botch.

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