Br’er Bear

The tales of Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear are based on fables which were passed down by slaves in the old American south and were eventually written down by Joel Chandler Harris. Later they became characters in the Disney movie ‘Song of the South’.

Br’er Rabbit is a clever fellow. He often puts his foot into things and then gets caught by Br’er Fox en Br’er Bear. But he gets out of trouble by tricking them. Sometimes Br’er Rabbit has a girlfriend, Sis Molly Rabbit. Br’er Rabbit was originally called Riley Rabbit.

Br’er Fox is always trying to get Br’er Rabbit. He’s sly and smart when it comes to making plans to catch Br’er Rabbit. But Br’er Rabbit always seems to get away. He likes rabbit stew a lot, but Br’er Rabbit makes sure he doesn’t get any.

Br’er Bear is living in the forest and is the partner of Br’er Fox. He hasn’t got the brains but has the brawn. He too likes rabbit stew, but he always gets fooled by the tricks Br’er Rabbit pulls on him.

International names

DenmarkBror KaninBror RøvBror Bjørn
EnglandBr’er RabbitBr’er FoxBr’er Bear
FinlandVeli KaniMikko RepolainenNalle
GermanyVetter HaseGewatter FuchsGewatter Bär
ItaliaFratel ConigliettoSora VolpeCompare Orso
NetherlandsBroer KonijnRein VosBruin Beer
NorwayLangøreMikkel RevBamse Brakar
SpainHermano ConejoHermano ZorroHermano Oso
SwedenBror KaninBror RävBror Björn