Corduroy and Lisa are best friends. Corduroy is a little teddy bear dressed in green corduroy overalls. His friend Lisa is seven years old, who bought him in a store. She has the best time exploring the world together with Corduroy

‘Corduroy’ is the story of how Lisa spots Corduroy with some other bears on the store shelf and its love at first sight. She buys him with her very own savings and takes him home. They go everywhere together, the subway, the streetcar, department store, laundromat. Together they create a new world where anything can take a different shape and their friendship grows stronger every day.

Don Freeman

Don Freeman is the author/illustrator of these two best-selling children books: ‘Corduroy’ and ‘A Pocket For Corduroy’. Based on these two books is an animated show which follows Corduroy and his African-American friends Lisa on their adventures. Together, they experience the world from the point-of-view of urban children.