Sports Bear Mascots

Bears are popular, sweet and cuddly. Therefore they are often used by sports clubs to entertain the crowds and help sell merchandise.


Berlino was the official mascot of the 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Berlin, Germany. He’s known for his antics during the championships, giving Melanie Walker a jockey ride and racing against Usain Bolt. We have a clip of all his championships antics.


FC Bayern München, football, Germany
Berni is the mascot for football club FC Bayern München, Germany.

Brewno Bear

Nuneaton Borough F.C., football, England
Brewno the Bear was formerly the official mascot of football club Nuneaton Borough F.C., England. He was replaced by the Tribune Tiger, due to sponsorship with the local newspaper, The Nuneaton Tribune.

Broxi Bear

Rangers Football Club, football, Scotland
Broxi Bear is the official pre-match mascot of Rangers Football Club, Scotland. Its name is derived from Rangers’ home stadium, in the Ibrox area of Glasgow, Scotland. Broxi is a brown teddy bear with blue inner ears and nose, wearing a Rangers strip. Broxi is sometimes accompanied by his wife Roxi and their son Boris.

Bubbles Bear

West Ham United, football, England
Bubbles Bear was introduced around 2000 as a counterweight to Herbie the Hammer. He had a child-friendly look than Herbie. He was named Bubbles as a reference to the West Ham anthem, ‘I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles’. Bubbles Bear and Herbie the Hammer were replaced in 2012 by a new mascot: Hammerhead.


Bumsi is the mascot of the 2007 World Cup biathlon in Antholz, Italy. He is still used as a mascot during biathlon competitions. Biathlon consists of cross country skiing and shooting, and cross country skiing doesn’t really make a usable sound. But the shooting sounds a bit like: bum, bum, bum. Hence the name Bumsi.

Carlton the Bear

Toronto Maple Leafs, ice Hockey, Canada
Carlton the Bear made his debut in the season 1995/1996 on October 10th. He is a polar bear who wears number 60 on his jersey. His name and number were derived from the address of the old Maple Leaf Gardens: 60 Carlton Street, Toronto, Ontario. Carlton the Bear was replaced in December 2009, after 14 years of loyal service.

Cherry Bear

AFC Bournemouth, football, England
The number of Cherry Bear is 99 and her name is derived from the nickname of the football club: the Cherries. In 2008 it was rumored that Cherry Bear would be replaced, because she looked old and worn. After a campaign of supporters and local media, the sponsor, Vital Bournemouth, had a new Cherry Bear made.

Clutch the Rockets Bear

Houston Rockets, basketball, USA
Clutch the Rockets Bear is the popular mascot of the NBA team Houston Rockets. The name is derived from the nickname for Hoston: ‘Clutch City.’ He was introduced in 1995 and has won several awards in the recent years.


Herta BSC, football, Germany
In August 1999, Herthinho became the mascot for German football club Herta BSC. He is 2.35 meters tall and weights 280 pounds.

Hidy & Howdy

Hidy and Howdy were the mascots for the 1988 Olympic Winter Games in Calgary. They are designed by International Mascots. Brother and sister Hidy and Howdy, were the first dual mascots of the Olympic Games. The two polar bears are inseparable, their names stem from a contest sponsored by the Calgary Zoo. From nearly 7,000 entries the names Hidy and Howdy were chosen.

Jazz Bear

Utah Jazz, basketball, USA
Jazz Bear was introduced in 1993 as mascot for the NBA team Utah Jazz. While some bears hibernate when it gets cold, Jazz Bear prefers dunking through burning hoops for warmth.

Joe & Josephine Bruin

UCLA Bruins, all sports, USA
Joe & Josephine Bruin are the mascots of the University of California, Los Angeles. The first mascots of UCLA, in 1926, were real bears. But in the mid 1960’s they were replaced by students in costumes. The appearance of the bears changed regularly through the years, from a Mickey Mouse-like Bruin in the 1930’s to a smiling Joe in the 1970’s.


St. Louis Blues, ice hockey, USA
Louis is not your everyday polar bear, because instead of white fur, he has blue fur. He was introduced to the fans on October 10, 2007, who named him Louie in November 2007. He then got his own team jersey with his name and number: ’00’.

Oski the Bear

University of California – Berkeley, all sports, USA
Oski is the official mascot of the University of California – Berkeley since September 26, 1941, until that time real bears were used. His name is derived from the Oski Wow-Wow yell. He is 5 foot 7 inches tall and has size 15 shoes.

Sherwood the Bear

Nottingham Forest FC, football, England
The first mascot of Nottingham Forest was ‘the Nutty Squirrel’, who was replaced by ‘Sherwood the Bear’. Sherwood was again replaced in 2007 by Robin Hood.

Staley da Bear

Chicago Bears, American football, USA
Staley the Bear is the official mascot of the Chicago Bears of the American NFL. He made his debut during the 2003 season of the Chicago Bears. Staley weighs 340 pounds and wears jersey number ’00’.