Duffy the Disney Bear

Duffy first appeared as ‘Duffy the Disney Bear’ in 2002 at the opening of the ‘Once Upon A Toy’-store in Walt Disney World. Duffy is honey coloured, has brown eyes and the image of Mickey Mouse on his paws and his left hip. Duffy was a gift from Minnie Mouse to Mickey Mouse. One day, Mickey was ready to go sailing for a long time and Minnie made him a teddy bear, so he would never feel lonely. She had made Duffy herself and she put him in a duffel bag to give to Mickey.

Duffy the Disney Bear is a meet-and-greet character in various Disney parks, and he is available as a cuddly toy in the Disney stores. He is also known as “The Bear of Happiness and Luck ‘. For that reason, the cuddly toy has a bottle around his neck with a message of ‘Love, Luck and Happiness’.