Boris and Barbara Bear

Boris and Barbara Bear are boyfriend and girlfriend. Since 1989, they appear in the stories of Miffy and they became good friends of her.


Miffy is a charming girl bunny, she’s about five years old. Miffy is simple, innocent, resolute, and is always open to new experiences. Her friends Boris and Barbara Bear are a little older than Miffy. Boris lives in a house in the woods, is cool and adventurous, but sometimes a bit clumsy. Barbara, with her seven freckles, often joins Boris on his adventures and helps him out of trouble. Poppy Pig is a friendly little pig. She is very social and enjoy life with her cousin, Grunty, who lives nearby. Snuffie is a brave dog. She is courageous and has a strong sense of justice. She is also a smart dog and warns her friends when things go wrong or find lost toys for Miffy.


In 1955 the first book of Miffy appeared, written by Dick Bruna. A Miffy book contains about 20 pages, with on the left a drawing and on the right a four-line poem. A total of 185 booklets are written. Since 2003, Miffy’s adventures can be seen on the television, as a 3D stop-motion animation series of 30 minutes episodes.

Miffy takes pre-schoolers along for adventures exploring basic concepts and themes. Miffy’s world includes activities that are recognisable to young children like numbers, colours, seasons, nature, friendship and family celebrations, and visits to Africa, Asia, Europe and the Arctic to explore new cultures, like a pre-schooler would.

Dick Bruna is one of the most famous creators of picture books for children around the world. He has written and illustrated more than 200 books. His work has been translated into 45 languages and won numerous awards.