Happy Tree Friends

Happy Tree Friends is an American series of short animated films, the episodes last between one and seven minutes. The movies were created by Kenn Navarro and Rhode Montijo and appeared on the Internet in 2000, where they quickly received cult status. Since 2006, the series was broadcasted on television with longer episodes. The series is not suitable for small children, because the content is extremely violent. This despite the childish style of the films.

Disco bear

Disco Bear, a macho, golden beer with an orange afro hairstyle and clothes from the seventies: a yellow jacket, yellow bell-bottom pants and orange and white dancing platform shoes. He dances to disco music and his catchphrase is “Oh Yeah!”.


Flippy has fought in the Vietnam War and wears a dog tag and a green beret. He is a retired soldier, who suffers from post-traumatic stress and often has flashbacks.


Pop is a light brown bear and the father of Cub. He often plays with his son, but is not a good parent. Though he loves him very much, he accidentally injures and kills Cub regularly.


Cub, is a young, light brown bear and the son of Pop. He looks like a baby, but is more intelligence and mobile. He is the youngest and smallest character from Family Tree Friends, but he gets hurt or even dies frequently at the hands of his father.