Bear in the Big Blue House

Bear in the Big Blue House introduces children to a cast of Muppets who are exploring their environment. The series is produced by Jim Henson Television and hosted by Bear. Together with his friends Tutter, Ojo, Pip and Pop, Treelo and Luna.


Bear stand seven feet tall with orange fur and cuddly like a teddy bear. But he acts like a real bear, he’s curious about everything and wants to share everything with his little friend in front of the TV, to who he speaks directly.

A little rust-coloured bear who lives in the woods nearby the house. She has a big imagination and enjoys playing pretend games. Although nor related, she and Bear have a special relationship.

Tutter is a small blue mouse, who lives in the kitchen. He is very ambitious and determined to solve every problem on his own.

A bright green lemur with a blue striped tail. Treelo lives in the woods outside the Big Blue House. He enters Bear’s room through the window, left open especially for him.

Purple, twin otters, bubbling with energy, fun and mischief. They live in a pond near Bear’s house and they love to play and do things together.

Every night, Bear talks to her, to recap his activities that day. She’s his oldest and dearest friend.

Intro from the TV-series

Watch the intro from the TV-series and see all your friends from the Big Blue House.

These are the lyrics to the opening song of Bear in the Big Blue House:

Bear: Welcome to the Blue House
Tutter: Hello from the small mouse
Bear: Things to do
Pip/Pop: Fun for you!
Bear: Howdy from the big Bear. Want some fun?
Pip/Pop/Tutter: Here’s where!
Bear: Just for you
Tutter: All is new
All: In the House of Blue!

Pip/Pop: Lots of room at our house
Bear: Catch the moon at our house!
Tutter: Kitchen’s here
Pip/Pop: Bathroom’s there!
Bear: Attic full of stuff here
Ojo: Pillows full of fluff here!
Treelo: [Whoop-de-doo!]
Ojo: Just for you
All: In the House of Blue!

All: Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Big Blue House
Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Big Blue House
Door is open
Tutter: Come on in!
Bear: Now you’re here
All: So let’s
Treelo: [Laughs]
All: Begin!

Lyrics to the goodbye song

Bear: Hey, this was really fun
Luna: We hope you liked it too
Bear: Seems like we’ve just begun
Both: When suddenly we’re through
Bear: Goodbye, goodbye, good friends, goodbye
Both: ‘Cause now it’s time to go
Bear: But, hey, I say, well, that’s OK
Luna: ‘Cause we’ll see you very soon, I know
Bear: Very soon, I know
Both: Goodbye, goodbye, good friends, goodbye
Bear: And tomorrow, just like today
Luna: (Goodbye – today)
Both: The moon, the bear and the Big Blue House
We’ll be waiting for you to come and play
To come and play, to come and play
Bear: Bye now!