Vincent (Over the Hedge)

Vincent is a big and strong American black bear from the animated film ‘Over the Hedge’, Vincent is grumpy, short-tempered and his ruthless behaviour intimidates RJ and the other animals.

Over the Hedge

‘Over the Hedge’ is a computer animation film from 2006, produced by DreamWorks Animation. The voice of Vincent the Bear in the English version is Nick Nolte.


One day, the hungry raccoon RJ decides to steal food from the big bear Vincent. Vincent is in hibernation, but has an enormous supply human food such as chips and doughnuts. By RJ’s fumbling, Vincent wakes up and he sees RJ stealing his food. A cart with food rolls down the mountain and eventually comes to rest on the street, where a large truck runs over all the food. Vincent is so angry with RJ, that he wants to eat him, but RJ promises that he can gather the food again within one week. RJ then encounters some forest animals, who are collecting acorns. RJ teaches the other animals to steal food from the people and so uses them to steal food for him, so he does not get eaten by Vincent the Bear. RJ finally begins to feel guilty towards the forest animals and start helping them. At the end of the film, Vincent is captured by an animal specialist and GJ and the other animals live happily ever after.