Oliver B. Bumble

In full: Sir Olivier Berendinus Bommel. Gentleman of good standing, for whom money is no object. Resident of Castle Bommelstein. Often not understood. Very class-conscious, but not unlikable. Drives a modest car, de Oude Schicht (the Old Flash), en dresses very modest: only a checkered coat. Has, filled with good intentions, the ability to leap before he looks. And blaming others for it. Has a very moderate sense of fairness, has a bit of a temper. Stutters when nervous or scared. Cause a gentlemen of weak constitution can only take so much. Is very generous, always willing to get his wallet out. Refers to his good father, who always said: “And I abide by that”. Was a bachelor for almost his whole life. Finally married Miss Doddel, his neighbor, who adored him. As far as we know with this the adventure disappeared out of his life.


In 1938 Tom Puss was the leading figure in a children’s-cartoon, where eventually Olli B. Bumble became the leading figure. First only appearing as a supernumerary, he developed into Oliver B. Bumle. The first Bumble-cartoon appeared in 1941 in a Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. De Nieuwe Rotterdamse Courant, another Dutch newspaper, started to publish Bumle’s adventures in 1947. In total there are 154 original stories published. On january 20th 1986 the last part of the last story, written by Marten Toonder about Oliver B. Bumle, was published. He is probably the most important cartoon-hero in Dutch literature. He’s translated in at least 20 languages, was published in 21 countries and has made millions of people enjoy his adventures. Bumbe is a concept, an industry, a declaration of love. Bumle has become cult.

Marten Toonder is probably the most famous and most influential Dutch cartoonist/writer/animator. We also have a biography of him, and a page about Thijs Ice, an early predecessor of Tom Puss.

You can have a look in the world of Oliver B. Bumble and Tom Puss, and meet the characters who play a part in it.

Als je Begrijpt Wat Ik Bedoel

In 1983 this Bommel movie was the first Dutch feature film. It’s internationally know as ‘Dexter the Dragon & Bumble the Bear’. The movie is based on the story ‘De Zwelbast‘ and the titel of the movie refers to a phrase used by Sir Bommel. Litarelly: If You Know What I Mean.

Bjørn Frank Jensen and Bert Kroon wrote the scenario and together with Harrie Geelen directed the movie. The movie was produced by Rob Houwer and Marten Toonder.

More information about this animation movie.

International names

Oliver B. Bumble was translated in 20 different languages and in every country his name was different. Below you’ll find a short list:

DenmarkTeddy Björn
EnglandOliver B. Bumble
FranceMonsieur Bommel
GermanyHerr Bummel
NetherlandsOlivier B. Bommel
SpainOliver B. Bomel
SwedenOliver B. Bumble