Radar’s Teddy Bear

Corporal Radar loved his Teddy Bears for most. His teddy was his mainstay in the night of the Korean War. Radar was the youngest in the MASH 4077 camp, he was just 19 years old. Radar’s name was actually Walter Eugene O’Reilly. He was called Radar because he seemed to know what was going to happen right before it actually did happen.

Radar had his Teddy Bear for more than 7 years, but it never had a name. The bear first appears in episode 10 (I hate a mystery), while searching for stolen articles, Colonel Blake uncovers Radar’s bunk and finds the bear. Radar was worried about the fact he still slept with the bear. When he left in episode 174 (Goodbye Radar, part 2), he left the Teddy Bear in Hawkey’s bunk, who puts it in the time capsule in episode 250 (As time goes by).

The MASH 4077 unit was a ragtag collection of doctors and nurses, torn from their personal lives and put into a muddy camp in the middle of the Korean War. Most of them didn’t want to be there.