Buttons – Chucklewood Critter

Chucklewood Critter tells the story of Buttons, a bear cub and his best friend Rusty, a fox cub. They discover the magical world of Chucklewood Park. With their ‘Adventure Machine’ they can fly and explore other places in search of adventure. Or they visit their friend Lester in Crystal Bayou.

Buttons and Rusty lived with their families in one cave in Chucklewood Park. Park ranger Jones also live in Chucklewood Park, he is good friends with the families.

Chucklewood Critters

Chucklewood Critters was an American series of TV specials. The first special was Christmas 1983, after that followed eight specials with themes such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and the beginning of spring. The theme was actually put into the specials. In 1997, a TV series was made, which aired for two seasons and consist of 26 episodes. Chucklewood Critters was made by Bill Hutten and Tony Love, former Hanna-Barbera animators.


  • Buttons lives in a cave, together with his parents and the family of Rusty.
  • Abner and Bridgett are Buttons’ mother and father.
  • Bearbette lives with her parents Darwin and Bearnadine in Chucklewood Park. They moved from Crystal Bayou, somewhere in the south.
  • Rusty is the best friend of Buttons, with whom he has many adventures.
  • George and Rosie are the parents of Rusty.
  • Ranger Jones (Jonesy) is the ranger of Chucklewood Park and the only human in the series.
  • Frisky and Bearbette are the friends of Buttons and Rusty.
  • Skipper and Blue Bell are rabbits who live underground.
  • Lester is a Cajun alligator that lives in Crystal Bayou.
  • Franklin the owl is the teacher of Buttons and Rusty.
  • Freddy the raccoon and Turner the turtle are friends and classmates of Buttons and Rusty.