The Bearboat (Bereboot in Dutch) from cartoon writer Lo Hartog van Banda was extremely popular on TV in the mid 70’s. The crew of the Bearboat existed from:
– Captain Brom (Growl), a real grumbler with a heart of gold.
– Brilbeer (Specsbear) the engineer, a real specialist, who knew everything about ‘piefjes‘ and ‘palletjes‘.
– Maatje (Matey), a young, but smart little sea bear.

Furthermore there were lots of regular personages, among who was Aunt Neel, A woman from Rotterdam, where she ran a sailors’ home en she real loved her captain Brom.
In every adventure their were lots more of different personages, the most of which where very exotic.

In total 407 episodes where made of this puppet series, which were broadcasted from October 1976 until September 1978 by the NOS (1976-1977) and the AVRO (1978). In 2000 some episodes where rerun on KinderNet 5.

Theme Songs Lyrics

The Bearboat was originaly broadcasted by the NOS, there they had the first theme song. In 1978 the series moved to the AVRO and got another theme song and that’s the second one. Click on the green bar, to play the first theme song.

Ahoy, there comes the Bearboat
With fat bears, big and small
With bears, with a bearsnout
They sail bear best
And Captain Brom on the helm
They sail to another adventure
Ahoy, the Bearboat is here
Now we can start
Ahoy, ahoy, ahoy

[1 – Dutch]
Ahoy, daar komt de Bereboot
Met dikke beren, klein en groot
Met beren, met een beresnoet
Ze varen beren goed
En Brom de kapitein staat aan het stuur
Zo varen ze weer naar een ander avontuur
Ahoy, de Bereboot legt aan
Nu kunnen we beginnen gaan
Ahoy, ahoy, ahoy

Who gets on the Bearboat
The Bearboat, the Bearboat
Who gets on the Bearboat
Come sail with us now
With Matey and Specs and Captain
So make sure you are there
Who gets on the Bearboat
The Bearboat is here

[2 – Dutch]
Wie stapt er mee in de Bereboot
De Bereboot, de Bereboot
Wie stapt er mee in de Bereboot
Kom vaar nu met ons mee
Met Maatje en Brilbeer en Kapitein
Dus zorg nu maar wel om er bij te zijn
Wie stapt er mee in de Bereboot
De Bereboot legt aan