Bobo – the Simpsons

Bobo is the teddy bear of Mr. Burns. We know Mr. Burns as the evil industrial on ‘the Simpsons’. Mr. Burns childhood Teddy Bear Bobo was the focus of an entire episode in 1993.

When Mr. Burns was very young, he gave up his Teddy Bear for a life of riches. In the episode of ‘the Simpsons’, Maggie Simpson gets hold of the remains of Bobo the Bear. He is found by Bart Simpson in a bag of ice. Mr. Burns want to buy the bear from Homer, but when Homer sees how much his little Maggie loves the bear, he decides not to sell Bobo. At the end of the episode, Mr. Burns admittes defeat in Maggie backyard sandbox. When he advices Maggie to hang on to her bear and not make the same mistake he made, she gives Bobo back to Mr. Burns

Bobo has come in contact with at least two historical figures. In 1927 he crossed the Atlantic Ocean with Charles Lindbergh and in 1945 he was in Berlin in a bunker for Adolph Hitler’s last day.


When Mr. Burns was longing for his teddy bear, Bobo, Professor Frink came up with a replacement Teddy Bear. Although the bear was designed to be cute and cuddly, and do a little dance, the invention backfired and went on a tirade.