Noah the Polar Bear

Noah is a cute but eccentric, polar bear who is considered the leader by the other animals. He is elected by them as captain of the island. They turn to him when they need help or advice. He is ambitious and idealistic, and wants the island to become a safe haven for endangered animals.

Noah’s Island

The cartoon TV-series is about Noah the Polar Bear and the adventures he experiences with the other animals. Noah lives in the North Pole, where a meteorite causes a volcano to come off like a floating island. Noah climbs on the island, which continues to drift away from the North Pole.

The other animals were captured and on their way to a new life in a zoo. However, they shipwreck in a storm and fortunately, all the animals escape. They end up on the mysterious floating island. The island is a safe haven for all homeless animals. They learn to collaborate with the island and so they set of on an adventure to the unknown island Diamantina.

The cartoon TV-series ran three seasons of 13 episodes each and every episode lasted 28 minutes. The series aired between 29 September 1997 and 21 December 1999.


Noah, the polar bearRon Moody
Rocco, the gorillaRon Moody
SalomiMelissa Sinden
various animalsRon Moody
Sally Grace
Jon Glover
David Holt
Jill Schilling
Melissa Sinden

Noah’s Island Intro

Episode Guide

Series 1
1. The Lost Zoo
2. Reg Draws a Map
3. Sacha Finds a Home
4. Sacha’s Busy Day
5. Elephant Trouble
6. The Search for the Baby Elephant
7. Doggies
8. The Shipwrecked Desman
9. Born To Be Wild
10. How To Be A Bear
11. Woomera Runs Away
12. The Skating Rhinoceros
13. A Dodo Do-da Day

Series 2
1. The Promised Land
2. The Once Plentiful Bandicoot
3. Something to Squawk About
4. Visit to the End of the Whirlpool
5. The Butterfly House
6. Much Ado About Vultures
7. Sacha the Termite Queen
8. A Mongoose in a Monsoon
9. The Golden Mole
10. Bad Gnus on Noah’s Island
11. Aye-aye Captinski
12. Rocco Fights a Dragon
13. Taking Tortoises to Diamentina

Series 3
1. Problems in Paradise
2. The Maniac Gibbon
3. An Old Mammoth’s New Tricks
4. Sacha the Newshound
5. The Sheriff of Diamentina
6. The Great Wall
7. Reg Qualifies as a Frog
8. Nice Enticing Ice
9. Rocco Hates Raffia
10. Diamentina Rose
11. The Coral Reef
12. Some Kind of Bear
13. Adios Diamentina