Pimboli is a bear cub, born in the Pimbocausienne Forest. He is a Southwest Crumplish poke teddy and a very close friend of Diddl. Pimboli is still young and naive, so he needs someone to take care of him… and that’s Diddl. When the action gets too hot he’ll quickly hides behind Diddl saying ‘Isn’t that dangerous?’. As he is a poke teddy, he has to be poked regularly – that’s just the way it is with poke teddies from Southwest Crumpleland.


Name: Pimboli
Date of Birth: December 13th 1998
Place of Birth: Southwest Crumpleland
Species: Poke Teddy
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Height: Half the size of Diddl, about one and a half cheese-foot twenty five.
Weight: As much as a full pot of honey.
Colour of Hair: Natural Sienna
Eyes: Black
Special Characteristics: Red pummelled nose

Pimboli’s friends

Diddl: Jumping Mouse
Diddlina: Girl Jumping Mouse
Ackaturbo: Fire-tailed Mini-raven

Mimihopps: Fox Rabbit
Wollywell: Black Angora Sheep

Vanillivi: White Lucky Sheep
Galupy: Galoppogos Horse
Professor Diddldaddl: Blubberpeng
Merksmir Lettermampf: Bookworm

Pimboli’s enemies

Fratt the Frog: Fat Frog
Fritt the Frog: Mean Frog
Friedl Frog: Lazy Frog