Teddy Robinson

Teddy Robinson is a big, friendly teddy bear. He has light brown fur, brown eyes and belongs to a little girl, Deborah. Deborah is a five-year-old girl from England and she loves her teddy bear. Together, they experience fun adventures around the house and with their friends.

The cuddly Teddy Robinson is accident-prone. He is accidentally sold at a flea market, he races downhill in a doll’s pram and he disappears in an unknown lady’s shopping bag. Children will be amused by the hilarious adventures of the teddy bear.

The Teddy Robinson books were written and illustrated by the English Joan G. Robinson. Besides Teddy Robinson, she also wrote the children’s stories ‘Mary Mary’ and ‘When Marni Was There’. In total, she wrote 30 books. Teddy Robinson is a real teddy bear. He is owned by the daughter of Joan Robinson, Deborah, who herself appears in the stories.