‘Ludovic’ is an animated television series about the happy, lovable teddy bear Ludovic. He lives with his father Louie and his mother Laurie, in a cozy bear cottage. Together with his inseparable friend Walla, a naughty duck, his niece Violet and his friend George, Ludovic re-enacts the adult world. With his great imagination, Ludovic brings his toys and other things to life.

Ludovic’s father is good in crafts and chores, his mother has a music store and teaches music. Walla the duck, lives in a duck house in the garden of the house of Ludovic.

In the late 1990s, the Dutch-Canadian animator Co Hoedeman invented the teddy bear Ludovic and his family: ‘Four Seasons In The Life of Ludovic’, a series with four episodes. In every episode, which is 12 minutes long, Ludovic and his friends have exciting but funny adventures. Adventures in which friendships along with solving problems is important, adventures in which young children will recognize themselves.

In one episode, we see how Ludovic wants to help his father repair a cuckoo clock. When father Louie goes out to buy a component for the clock, Ludovic devises what is wrong with the clock: the cuckoo is just hungry! Together with his cousin Violet, he tries to make the cuckoo sing again, but the bird flies away. Ludovic and Violet must do everything to catch the cuckoo before father Louie gets back.

Ludovic is a coproduction of the Netherlands (Ludovic), Canada (Ludovic) and Germany (Benedikt, der Teddybär). A stop-motion animation series of 26 episodes is more than eighteen months work, with in total more than 450,000 pictures shot in the studio. Pedri Animation from Ankeveen (known for Miffy) was responsible for building the puppets, props and sets. In Germany, the series is known as ‘Benedikt, der Teddybär’.