Sleepy Bear

Sleepy Bear is the official mascot for Travelodge. Sleepy Bear was born in the early 1950s and has been a part of the Travelodge personality since then. Sleepy Bear can now be seen at every Travelodge location and in appearances across Canada.


Travelodge Hotels introduced its mascot Sleepy Bear to North America. The lovable bear was also incorporated into all in-room items. Sleepy Bear quickly became an icon to children of all ages.

The Sleepy Bear plush stuffed toy was born. Dressed in a white night shirt and cap with ‘Sleepy’ on the brim.

The first Sleepy Bear walk-around costume was created and worn by individuals in parades, celebrations, and grand openings of new hotels.

Sleepy Bear was transformed from a sleepy-eyed brown bear to a warm, smiling bear for a softer, cuddlier look.

1975 to 1989
Sleepy Bear served as the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s (MDA) deputy bear, making appearances on 14 Jerry Lewis Telethons.

Sleepy Bear was appointed the ‘Ambassador of Good Will’ to the children of California by Governor Pete Wilson.

Travelodge created a series of ‘Sleepy Bear Says’ public service announcements. Speaking about water, fire, strangers, poison and play safety issues, these PSAs were distributed to more than 1,100 television stations.

Sleepy Bear was honoured with the creation of Sleepy Bear’s Den rooms. These rooms feature Sleepy Bear drapes, bed spreads, cups, shower curtains and a child’s chair. There are now 300 Sleepy Bear Den Rooms at Travelodge properties across North America.

Sleepy Bear starts in his next series of Public Service Announcements focused on the issue of bullying as it relates to children. Sleepy teaches children that bullying is wrong and that it hurts other kids.

Sleepy Bear not only turns 50, he receives a fresh look with a new energized attitude to connect with the current travellers.


Sleepy Bear is the official mascot for Travelodge. He appeared in many advertisments in papers and magazines.