Blubber Bear

The Wacky Races was a big success when it started. Produced by Hanna-Barbera, it spawned two spin-offs the following year, and a flood of merchandise hit toy shelves.
The plot was simple: 11 outlandish characters raced each other around the globe to become ‘The Worlds Wackiest Racer’. One of them, the evil Dick Dastardly, with his companion, Muttley, would go to any length to win the race by cheating with the most ridiculous schemes imaginable. He of course, never won.

Luke and Blubber Bear were the race’s very own Hillbillies. Don’t be fooled by the rusty old boiler as the Chug-A-Bug can keep up with the best of ’em. Luke is as laid back as they come, in stark contrast to the nervous, jittery Blubber. The Wacky Races ran for 2 seasons, 1968/69 and 1969/70. Luke and Blubber Bear won 2 out of the 18 races in the first season and 2 out of 16 races in the second. That tied them for the title ‘Worlds Wackiest Racer’ with Penelope Pitstop, the Anthill Mob and Peter Perfect, all with four wins.

The show seems to have been inspired by the 1966 film, ‘The Great Race’, starring Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Natalie Wood.

We’ve got some animation-cells of Luke, Blubber Bear and The Arkansas Chugabug here.

The cars

There were eleven cars competing in the Wacky Races.

#0The Mean MachineDick Dastardly & Muttley
#1The BouldermachineThe Slagg Brothers
(Rock & Gravel)
#2The Creepy CoupeThe Gruesome Twosome
(Big Gruesome & Little Gruesome)
#3The Convert-A-CarProf. Pat Pending
#4The Crimson HaybailerThe Red Max
#5The Compact PussycatPenelope Pitstop
#6The Army Surplus SpecialThe General, Sarge & Pvt. Pinkley
#7The Bulletproof BombThe Anthill Mob
(Clyde, Dum Dum, Zippy, Pocket, Snoozy, Softy & Yak Yak)
#8The Arkansas ChugabugLuke & Blubber Bear
#9The Turbo TerrificPeter Perfect
#10The BuzzwagonRufus Ruffcut & Sawtooth

Voices of The Wacky Races

NarratorDave Willock
Dick Dastardly, ClydePaul Winchell
Penelope PitstopJanet Waldo
Red Max, Rufus Ruffcut, Peter Perfect, Big Gruesome,
Rock Slagg, The General, Sarge
Daws Butler
Luke, Blubber BearJohn Stephenson
Muttley, Gravel Slagg, Little Gruesome, Prof. Pat PendingDon Messick
Ant Hill MobMel Blanc