Goldilocks & the Three Bears

There was once a family of bears who lived in a cosy cottage in the woods. There was a great big Papa Bear, a medium-size Momma Bear, and a little tiny baby bear.

One morning Mama Bear cooked them some porridge for breakfast. As the porridge was too hot to eat, the three bears decided to take a walk in the woods while it cooled.

They had not been gone long when a little girl named Goldilocks came along. She had been picking flowers and had wandered into the woods. When she saw the three bears cottage, she smiled and clapped her hands. “How pretty!” she cried. “I wonder who lives there?” She stood on her toes and peaked in the window. There didn’t seem to be anyone home, so Goldilocks opened the door and went right inside!

The first thing she saw was the table set with three bowls of porridge; a great big bowl for Papa Bear, a medium-size bowl for Momma Bear, and a tiny little bowl for baby bear. “Oh, that porridge smells good!” Goldilocks said. Then, as she was feeling a little hungry, she picked up a spoon and tasted the porridge in the Great Big Bowl.

“OUCH!” she cried, dropping the spoon. “That porridge is MUCH too hot!”

She tasted the porridge in the medium-size bowl. But that porridge was MUCH too cold.

Then she tasted the porridge in the tiny little bowl. “Mmmmmm,” she said. “This porridge is JUST right!” so she ate it all up!

Then Goldilocks saw the three chairs set before the fire; a great big chair for Papa Bear, a medium-size chair for Mamma Bear, and a tiny little chair for Baby Bear. “Oh, it would be nice to sit down for a while!” Goldilocks thought.

So she climbed into the great big chair that belonged to Papa Bear. “Oh, no!” she said. “That chair is MUCH too hard.”

Then she sat in Mamma Bears medium size Chair “Oh, no,” she said. “That chair is MUCH too soft!”

Next, she sat in Baby Bears tiny little chair. “Ahhhh,” she said with a smile. “This chair is JUST right!”

Just then there was a loud CRAAACK! and the little chair broke right through!

Goldilocks stood up and dusted herself off. Then she climbed upstairs to the bedroom. There she saw three beds all in a row. “Oh,” she said, yawning, “I am feeling sleepy.”

So she pulled down the covers and climbed into Papa Bears great big bed. But she quickly jumped down. “That bed is MUCH too hard!” she said.

Then she tried Mamma Bears medium size bed. But it was too soft.

So she climbed into Baby Bears tiny little bed. It was JUST right. Soon Goldilocks was fast asleep!

A little while later the Three Bears returned from their walk. They were feeling very hungry and were looking forward to eating the nice bowls of tasty porridge.

Suddenly Papa cried out in his great big voice, “Someone has been eating my porridge!”

Then Mamma cried out in her medium size voice, “Someone has been eating MY porridge!”

And Baby Bear cried out in his tiny little voice, “Some has been eating my porridge. And they’ve eaten it ALL UP!”

Then the Three Bears saw their chairs near the fireplace.

“Someone has been sitting in my chair!” Papa Bear said in his great big voice.

“Someone has been sitting in MY chair!” Mamma Bear said in her medium size voice.

“Someone has been sitting in MY chair,” Baby Bear cried in his tiny little voice. “And now it’s BROKEN!”

Then the Three Bears went upstairs to the bedroom.

“Someone has been sleeping in my bed!” Papa Bear shouted in his great big voice.

“And someone has been sleeping in MY bed!” Mamma Bear exclaimed in her medium size voice.

“Someone has been sleeping in MY bed,” Baby Bear squeaked in his tiny little voice. “AND HERE SHE IS!”

Just then Goldilocks woke up! When she saw the three bears standing around her, she leaped off the bed and ran down the stairs and out the door.

She didn’t stop until she was all the way back home.

And the Three Bears never saw Goldilocks again!


Goldilocks (and the three bears) is an English fairy tale. It was first published in 1837 by British author and poet Robert Southey. The story was before that time already part of English folklore. The story is about three bears and an intrusive old woman. The moral of the story is about egoism, respecting others’ property and the abuse of someone’s hospitality.

Goldilocks was originally an old woman. In a publication from 1849 she was replaced by a young girl. In the course of the twentieth century, she was named Goldilocks. Also, the three bachelor bears by Southey evolved in a family of three bears. What was originally a terrifying story, gradually changing into a charming tale for the whole family.