Bentley Bear

Bentley Bear is the main character in the computer game Crystal Castles, released in 1983 for the Atari. The player controls Bentley Bear, who must collect as many gems as possible, while avoiding the enemies. Crystal Castles has nine levels, each with 4 castles and a tenth level but with one castle, after which the game is finished.

Once upon a time there lived a bear named Bentley
Who wandered o’er the land in search of fortune plenty.
Picnic baskets and such were not his bill of fare.
Only ruby gemstones could content this clever bear.
While roaming the lands of Crystal Castles,
Bentley gathered his jewels with the greatest of care.
A snatch here and there by a swift paw or two
Showered fame and fortune on this rarest of bears!

Bentley Bear is trapped in Crystal Castles, the home of Berthilda the Witch and her evil henchmen. To escape, he must collect all the gems in all the castles and avoid deadly contact with evil inhabitants. Look for the magic hat, as long as he is wearing it, Bentley is invincible. But look out, if Bentley is not careful, the evil henchmen will turn him into bear stew.