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Famous Bears - C


C-Bear and Jamal was an American, animated series for children, broadcast on TV in 1996. Jamal Wingo was an African-American boy from primary school. His companion was C-Bear, a singing, hip hop teddy bear.

Most people thought that C-Bear was an ordinary teddy bear, but he was Jamal's best friend and confidant. C-Bear only came to life when he was alone with Jamal, he could dance, sing and wore cool shades.

C-Bear & Jamal C-Bear

In each episode, the series dealt with a different problem for kids: peer pressure, divorce, drug abuse and much more. Although the series was popular, there were only 13 episodes made over two seasons.

"So When You wake up in the morn 'at the crack of dawn, C-Bear and Jamal!
Or When you get out of bed and you stretch and yawn, C-Bear and Jamal!
If you're down in the dumps and you need a smile, C-Bear and Jamal!
It's the funky cartoon, leave 'em dancin' in the aisle."

C-Bear & Jamal

C-Bear: A wise teddy bear, only comes to life when he is with Jamal to give him advice.
Jamal Wingo: A gullible 9 year old boy who always gets help from C-Bear when he is in trouble.
Hawthorne: The father of Jamal, who does not understand why he still keeps C-Bear.
Grandpa & Grandma: The grandparents of Jamal.
Maya, Big Chill, Kwame, Chip Star, Kim & Javier: Friends of Jamal.

Chief Theodore Grizzly

Chief Theodore Grizzly is a tough and aggressive grizzly bear. He is the police chief of the police force of the woods in 'Hoodwinked!', an animation film from 2005. He is a know-it-all, who jumps to conclusions. He's gruff, short-tempered and is willing to arrest anyone, whether they are guilty or not. Chief Ted Grizzly wears a dark blue police suit, dark blue police hat, black belt and black shoes.

Chief Theodore Grizzly Chief Grizzly

'Hoodwinked!' tells the story of the fairy tale 'Little Red Riding Hood', it starts where the fairy tale ends. Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf are at the core of a police investigation that combines elements from other crime films. The voice of Chief Grizzly Ted is the rapper Xzibit.

Cornelius Bear

Achewood is a web comic about the life of a group of stuffed toys, robots and pets. Most characters live together in the house of their owner, Chris, at 62 Achewood Court. The web comic is made by Chris Onstad appears since October 2001 at the internet address Achewood.com. It is an absurdist comic strip, which has no traditional punch line.

Cornelius Bear Téodor Orezscu

Cornelius Bear
Often referred to as Mr. Bear or Connie. He is a fatherly figure to the other characters because he is much older than most. Cornelius was married to his, now deceased, wife Iris Gambol.

Téodor Orezscu
Téodor is a teddy bear, as evidenced by his looks. He and his family are originally from Minsk, Belarus. He is a good cook, musician and graphic designer, but he is an allround nice guy.

Achewood, Cornelius Bear
Achewood, Téodor Orezscu