Brother Bear 2

Brother Bear 2 was released on August 17, 2006. It was again produced by Walt Disney Pictures and has a length of 74 minutes. The movie has never played in theatres, but was released directly on DVD. The tagline for this film is’ The moose are on the loose .. “


The movie begins a few months after the previous movie. Kenai and Koda awaken from hibernation and proceed to Crowberry Ridge for the first berries of the season. Kenai is distracted by thoughts of his childhood sweetheart Nita, he once gave a special charm to emphasise their love. Nita is from a different clan then Kenai. On their way to Crowberry Ridge, Kenai and Koda encounter Nita by accident. It now appears, however, she is engaged to a man named Atka, and wants to burn Kenai’s talisman so she can marry him. According to traditions, she should do this ritual together with Kenai, so their band is officially broken. After recognising Kenai in his bear form, she asks him for help. Kenai refuses at first, but eventually agrees. Deep down Nita is still in love with Kenai, but would not admit it. Koda understands this and asks the spirit of his mother to change Kenai back into a human so he can be with Nita. Kenai however turns this offer down. Nita eventually also changes into a bear so that she and Kenai can be together.


 English Version
KenaiPatrick Dempsey
NitaMandy Moore
KodaJeremy Suarez
RuttRick Moranis
TukeDave Thomas
TugMichael Clarke Duncan

Brother Bear 2 Trailer