Teddy Bear Anatomy

The anatomy of a teddy bear.

The eyes, the placement of the ears and the shape of the snout, mouth and nose determine the facial expressions of a teddy beer. Important are also the arms, legs and used fabric. Besides that you need filling, discs, maybe a voice. All this and the right proportions, give the teddy bear his appearance, which everybody falls in love with.


The first teddy bears were made of mohair. The current range of modern materials is large and very diverse. Some imitate the antique fabrics and other feel completely different.

There is mohair with short and long hair, compact or thrifty nap for an antique appearance. With a smooth, undulating, a rugged or a feathered structure. Take the time to choose a good color, dark or light, traditional or modern.


Let your bear growl! There are different kinds of voices, from cheap growlers to more expensive musical boxes. Growlers come in different shapes and sizes, just like the musical boxes which ussually have a key to wind.

It is wise to put the voice in some tights first, so there is no granules or fillings getting into the voice, which would stop working. The body of the bear should always be large enough to accommodate the voice. The body must be properly filled up solidly, so you can’t feel the voice from the outside.