Steiff Board Game

For 3-6 players
For children over 6 years
2002, Cosmos, Klaus Teuber & Steiff

It’s Teddy’s birthday and everyone is celebrating! Of course, his friends thought of gifts they would give Teddy. But slippers or an alarm clock, that is not for Teddy. He prefers a nice bike or other great gifts. Everyone wants to give Teddy his gifts first and in the attempts to reach Teddy’s room first, they’re constantly pushing and pulling. Sometimes gifts exchange from owner, and you end up with other gifts than you started with. The one, who brings Teddy the most gifts, wins the game.


1 game board
6 Teddy-figures in six colours
33 Gift Cards
66 Chips (5 large and 6 small, in 6 colours)
1 red dice (with pips of 3, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6)
1 blue dice (with pips of 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4)
1 Original Steiff Teddy Figure (Birthday Teddy)
A Steiff certificate


Each player chooses a colour, gets 11 chips and puts his Teddy on the blue staring square. The gift cards are shuffled, put face down on the game board and each player draws three cards. Not every gift card has an equal value. Roller skates are 2 points, a cake is 1 point and a bicycle is worth most with 3 points. An alarm, however, is minus 3.

The first player throws the blue or red dice and so many steps ahead as he roles pips. The pips on the blue dice are 1 to 4, thus the player will move slowly, but safely ahead. The red dice has pips of 3 to 6, thus the player will progress faster, but there is more danger. Then it’s the next players turn. As a player reaches Teddy’s room, the values of his gift cards are totalled and he gets so many gift chips. His gift cards are put on the bottom of the pile and the player may return to the starting square. He will receive three gift cards and can try again.


When a player throws the red dice, the other players may call “exchange”. The one, who calls first, exchanges all his cards with the player throwing.


If two players are on the same square, they can call “push”. Both may take a card from the hand of the other player for themselves.

Special squares

On a banana square, the player slips and a card is pulled from his hand, landing on the lint moth square a player has to go back one square.


If the birthday Teddy has arrived on the green square, the game is over. The player with the most chips wins.