Character Teddy Bears

In 1932, Caesar Mangiapani and Jack Levy opened up the Character Novelty Co. in Norwalk, Connecticut. After the 2nd WW the company grew quickly, when they started to sell a big assortment of toy animals, among which Teddy Bears. In that period, the company sold to all the major warehouses and had their own showroom in New York. Jack Levy quitted in 1960, but the company existed until Caesar Mangiapani died in 1983.

Character characteristics are among others big, flat, black eyes, fitted over a slightly bigger circle of white felt in the head. Character also made bears with a red tongue of felt. Most Character Teddy Bears don’t have claws.

The fabric label usually was attached to the left ear. On the front was the name Character and on the back the materials the bear was made off.