Bamse Family


Brummelisa is Bamses wife. She has not got Bamses strength, but she is just as kind as Bamse. She was not with the story from the beginning.


Nallemaja, one of the four children and also one of the triplets Bamse have. She has a pretty bad temper and is not afraid of a fight. She’s a good pupil at school, and she also often protect the weaker one’s from the evil ones.


Brum is an ordinary bear, and one of the triplets. It’s nothing special to say about him, in fact. He’s very much like his father Bamse, but not at all that strong.


Teddy, the brightest of the children. In the future he will probably be a professor or something equal to that. He often saves the other children from dangerous things with bright solutions.


This is Brumma, the youngster in the family.