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Dough Figures

Teddy Bear Book Ends

Book Ends

  • Make the teddy bears by making a body with dents for the head, arms and legs. Make the arms out of a dough sausage, which is long enough for four arms. Cut the sausage in four, so all the bears will have even length arms. Repeat this for the legs with a thicker sausage and bent the ends for the feet.
  • Make the heads from a ball of dough. Make some nicks for the eyes and put some peppercorns in. Make the nose and mouth with a knife and stick the ears on. Give the bear skin some texture with a stick.
  • Put the bears in a slightly greased baking tray, covered with a towel. Bake the figures on an angle of 45 degrees to keep the shape of the bears as it is. Bake them on 100 degrees centigrade for about 18 hours.