Minka's Bear Passion

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Dough Figures

Bathroom Doortile

bathroom doortile

  • Roll out a chunk of dough as big as a walnut until its 1,5mm thick. Carve out the bath and put it on a round piece of dough. Make the stripes with a modelling stick.
  • For the bear head, roll a pellet of dough the size of a hazelnut and put them above the bath. For the ears, snout and paws use a pellet of dough the size of a bean, mould it in shape en press them tight with a modelling stick. For the nose you take a small pellet dough. Shape the eyes with the use of a tooth-pick.
  • Roll out the green dough very thinly for the leaves. Cut them with a sharp knife. Cut the flowers in the same way from the pink dough. Press a pencil with a blunt point in the heart of the flowers en put them on the leaves. Put a little pellet of dough in the middle.
  • For the soap bubbles you roll a pellet of dough about the size of a pea and put them around the bath and the bears.
  • Bake the dough at least 6 hours in the oven, or till its rock hard. Attach the hook after 1 hour in the oven.