Tiny Teddy

You will need:
– Some yarn, whatever colour you want your teddy to be.
– A little black yarn to embroider features.
– 3.5mm hook.
– Stuffing.

  1. Ch 2, 6sc in 2nd ch from hook;
  2. (with ears) [2 sc in 1st stitch, 2 sc in 2nd stitch, 3 dc bobble st and sc in 3rd stitch, repeat in next 3 stitches making 12 stitches in total];
  3. 12 sc;
  4. 12 sc;
  5. [Dec 2 (work 2 sc together), sc] around (8 st);
  6. [Inc 2 (work 2 sc into 1 st), 3 sc] around (10 st)
  7. (with arms) 4 dc popcorn st, 3 sc, 4 dc popcorn st, 5 sc;
  8. 10 sc;
  9. 6 sc, inc 2, 2 sc, inc 2 (12st);
  10. 12 sc;
  11. (with legs) 1 sc, 4 dc popcorn st, 3 sc, 4 dc popcorn st, 6 sc;
  12. 12 sc;
  13. Dec 2 around (6 sc);

Stuff & embroider features using black yarn. Sew hole shut and pull yarn up into body to make sure the bottom is flat.

Crochet abbreviations

  • Chain stitch (ch): Wrap the yarn over the hook and draw the yarn through to form a new loop
  • Single crochet (sc): Insert your hook into the stitch or space indicated, then yarn over and pull up a loop. (You should have two loops on your hook.) Yarn over and draw through both of the loops on your hook.
  • Decrease (dec): There are several variations of decrease stitches. Decreasing can be done by one of two methods…1) skipping stitches…2) do two or more stitches within one step of completion then draw through all loops on hook
  • Stitches (s/st/sts)
  • Increase (inc): When you increase you are only adding extra stitches. Example: If the row you just completed has 12 stitches and you need to add 3 stitches evenly, then you should do an extra stitch in the 3rd, 6th and 9th stitch to make the pattern even.
  • Popcorn (pc): The standard popcorn stitch is worked as follows: Work 5 double crochets in the chain or stitch indicated. Drop the loop from the hook. Insert the hook in first top of the first double crochet of the 5-dc group. Pick up the dropped loop. Draw through the stitch. Ch1. Now you can “pop” the popcorn to the right or wrong side of the work as needed.
  • Single crochet two together (sc2tog): work a single stitch across multiple stitches so that many stitches are reduced to one.