the Gummi Bears: Characters

The Gummi Bears from Gummi Glen:

Cubbi Gummi

Cubbi Gummi, is the youngest Gummi. He wants to become a knight and is always looking for adventure. Because he is the youngest he is not always taken seriously by the other, but often that is a mistake.

Grammi Gummi

Grammi Gummi, the matriarch of the Gummi clan. She cooks, cleans and makes the gummiberry juice. Sometimes she is a hot head, but mostly she has a motherly role with the Gummi’s.

Gruffi Gummi

Gruffi Gummi, he is the technician of the group and can be seen as the leader of the Gummi bears. Although he is sometimes annoying, he is still respected as a source of stability. He saves the bears regularly from precarious situations.

Gusto Gummi

Gusto Gummi, Augustus (Gusto for short) is an artistic individualist, who twelve years ago, stranded on a desert island and was rescued by Gruffi and Tummi. He does not live in Gummi Glen, but in an atelier cave behind the waterfall.

Sunni Gummi

Sunni Gummi, the young teenager who often rebels against the rest of the clan, but ultimately always learns her lesson. She is Princess Clara’s best friend and dreams about being a princess herself. She has a crush on Gusto, but he is more interested in his art.

Tummi Gummi

Tummi Gummi, the gluttonous teenager, who seems a bit slow in thinking, but he is as brave as the others are. He is also a skilled seaman on a boat.

Zummi Gummi

Zummi Gummi, the ‘keeper of Gummi wisdom’ and magician with unreliable skill. He often forgets important things at the worst possible moment and without his glasses he is lost. Behind Grammi he is the oldest of the Gummi’s.