The Dragon That Wasn’t

In 1983, this Bommelfilm is the first full-length Dutch cartoon. The film is based on the story ‘De Zwelbast’ and the Dutch title of the film refers to the expression that is often used by Heer Bommel.


Oliver B. Bumble finds an enigmatic egg in his park. From that a Zwelbast crawls: a strange, green creature that chooses Sir Bumble as his father. Tom Puss doesn’t trust the matter and also the distinguished butler Joost gets his right to his dissatisfaction. Because the Zwelbast develop into a giant dragon which roughly disturbs the party that the chatelain of Bommelstein holds for the notabelen of the Rommeldam. Oliver B. Bommel must escape and Zwelgje drag him in a big and tense adventure, which after a daring bank robbery and wild tour through the black mountains, ends for Sir Bumble in a chilly prison cell and for Zwelgje in the circus. He can free his dragon child from that and brings it back to the wild. But, ‘ a lord must always do everything by himself’, Sir Bumble complains…


Bul SuperAndré van den Heuvel
Mayor DickerdackLo van Hensbergen
Commissionar Bulle BasJoan Remmelts
Doddeltje/Mrs. BasTonnie Huurdeman
GrootgutPaul Haenen
Hiep HieperGees Linnebank
Head nurseMaya Bouma
JoostLuc Lutz
Journalist ArgusArnold Gelderman
Mrs. DickerdackElly van Stekelenburg
News readerFred Emmer
Oliver B. BumbleFred Benavente
Redacteur PhantWill van Selst
Tom PussTrudy Libosan
Wammes WaggelHarrie Geelen
Zielknijper/Markies de CanteclaerGer Smit