Teddy Bear Dylone

Who could resist this loveable cutie? Dylone is a handsome fellow sewn from soft medium length mohair; the tipped variety that Ali has used looks stunning but you could experiment with all kinds of colours and styles if you wish. Measuring 25.5cm (10″) sitting, he has been designed with bent legs and arms, allowing him to sit very naturally and his expression is so appealing. Grab your sewing kit and get stitching today!

You will need:
43cm x 61cm (17″ x 24″) medium length mohair;
Ultrasuede for paws and pads;
Five 35mm cotter pin joints;
Two 9mm black glass eyes;
Polyester stuffing;
Plastic pellets for tummy (optional);
Thread to match the mohair backing;
Extra strong thread for eyes and finishing;
Black cotton for embroidering nose and mouth.


Click Dylone for the pattern, by Ali Morton.


  1. Transfer the pattern pieces to thin card. Remember to note all the markings, joint holes and pile direction arrows on the card also. Determine the way the mohair pile is running. You can draw light arrows on the mohair backing. Lay the pattern pieces and draw round each shape with a pen. Cut out with sharp-pointed scissors being careful not to cut the fur. i.e. slide along the weave and take little snips. Remember to reverse pattern pieces, mark joint holes and keep checking direction of arrows and pile.
  2. Trim the seam allowance before pinning the body pieces together and legs together. Pin and sew the head sides and join the hand pad to the inside arm. Pin and sew the inner and outer arms together, and the ears. Remember you are always sewing right sides together. i.e. furry sides together.
  3. Sew the foot pad into the base of the foot. Split down from the joint hole. One for right leg and one for left leg. Turn right side out. Turn the ears right side out and carefully ladder stitch the opening. Split from the joint hole and turn arms right side out.
  4. Take the head gusset and carefully pin and tack. This must be accurate or it will twist when stuffing. Turn right side out and stuff firmly and evenly. Pay particular attention to the nose area. Take a running stitch round the base of the head. Insert the joint and pull the stitch firmly. Secure with a few more stitches and knot. Bury the threads and cut. Stuff all four limbs evenly then insert joint into the split, pulling up to the top. Carefully ladder stitch the split closed.
  5. Take a double length of strong thread and thread through the eye loop. Tie 3 or 4 good knots with the eye in middle of thread. Close the eye loop carefully with pliers. Thread all four ends of the thread on to a long needle. Mark the positions of the eyes evenly with two pins. Take your time and try a few positions to get the look right. When you are certain, push the needle through the mohair coming out near to the neck joint on the opposite side of the eye. Repeat with the second eye. If they are even, split the thread into two pairs of threads. Take a tiny stitch with one pair, then pulling both pairs tightly, tie three good knots to secure. Bury the threads and cut.
  6. Place the ears on the head with pins. Experiment a few times to create different expressions. When satisfied, ladder stitch ears to head. Embroider the nose. Attach the limbs to the body. Stuff the body and ladder stitch the back opening. Go round all the seams with a long pin and brush to free any trapped hair.