Teddy Ruxpin Characters

The good guys

Captain Zelza, she is an Octopede ship’s captain.
Digger, a friend of Teddy’s who lives in Rilonia.
Eunice, is the Royal Doctor at King Nogbert’s castle.
Fobs, bird-like creatures whose bright colours are a result of drinking the water from Rainbow Falls.
Forest Grunges, they live in the Jungle with No Name. They are strong and independent.
Grubby the Octopede, Teddy Ruxpin’s best friend.
Ilana Ruxpin, Teddy’s mother. She lives in Rilonia.
Karen, Grubby’s first love, who later turn into a butterfly.
Katy, she’s unable to speak, and therefore uses sign language to communicate.
King Nogbert, he is the well-loved and respected king of Grundo.
Leota the Woodsprite, Leota is the local schoolteacher. She teaches elves and sprites.
Louie, a Grunge who works for the Wizard of Grundo.
Newton Gimmick
, an inventor whose inventions rarely work. One of the main trio.
Old Beanly, is the forgetful messenger of King Nogbert.
Prince Arin, Prince Arin is the older child of King Nogbert, the ruler of Grundo.
Princess Arusia, Princess Arusia is the younger child of King Nogbert.
Queen Lillibet, the Queen of Grundo is a highly respected and well-educated woman.
Surf Grunges, all they really seem good at is surfing and lying out on the beach.
Teddy Ruxpin, a 16 year old Illiop from Rilonia, an island south of Grundo.
The Anythings, named This, That, The Other, Some, Another, and One More.
The Hermit of Leaky Lake, a mysterious character, who turns out to be Teddy’s long-lost father.
The Wizard of WeeGee, a charlatan who makes people believe that he has magic powers.
Wooly What’s-it, a large purple Snozo who lives near Rainbow Falls.
Xena, Xena is an Octopede Sailor, Captain Zelza’s daughter.
Zed and Maple, two elderly elves who live with a bird called Owler in a nice tree in Mizly Meadows.

The bad guys

Except Teddy Ruxpin of course…

Bounders, big, red, round creatures with horns on their heads and lots of teeth.
Buffy, LB’s girlfriend and every bounder’s dream girl.
Eleanor Tweeg, Jack W. Tweeg’s mother, she’s a troll.
Ickly Bognostroclum, the MAVO Keeper of the Gate.
Jack W. Tweeg, he sees himself as the king of the villains.
LB, the leader of a gang of bounders.
Mrs. Maggotheart, the MAVO dues collector, she is feared by nearly all members of MAVO.
Quellor, the Supreme Opressor of MAVO, the most feared and respected bad guy in all of Grundo.
Sludge, Drudge and Trudge, three primary thugs who’s strength is matched only by their stupidity.
The Gutangs, a militaristic race who’s power is their command of the only true airforce in Grundo.
The Mudblups, a race of mud creatures who live underground in the Great Desert.
The Understander, The Understander of Knowledge is the most intelligent member of MAVO.
The Sorcerer of Ying, the not-so-nice brother of the Wizard of Grundo.