Teddy Bears

We answer all your questions about teddy bears.

Who made the first Teddy Bear?
► Find out who exactly made the first Teddy Bear.

Who made up the name Teddy Bear?
► Someone had to think of a name, find out who made up the name Teddy Bear.

How do I make my own Teddy Bear?
► The anatomy of a teddy bear.

How small (or big) can teddy bears get?
► We have a list of the world’s smallest teddy bears.

What are the best teddy bears worth?
► Here is a list of some of the most expensive bears in the world.

What is my old Teddy Bear worth?
Old Teddy Bears can be worth a lot of money. You can find the value of your bear, looking at prices made by selling similar teddy bears at international auction houses. Information about this item on the site.

It was made by:
Chad ValleyChilternDean’s Rag BookGebrüder BingJ.K. FarnellMerrythoughtPedigreeSchucoSteiffStrunz

Are/were there many teddybear manaufacturers?
There are lots of manufacturers, with lots of different kinds of teddy bears. We have put a selection of the most well known teddy bear manufacturers on one page.