Teddy Bear Photoshop Tutorial

Part 1

With this photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to draw a cute teddy bear. The first thing to do is to create a 250 by 250 pixel sized document in Photoshop, with white background. Create a brown circle, using the elliptical marquee tool and on a new layer, and then fill the selection with a darker brown on another new layer. Feather the selection by 10 pixels, by going to select/feather. Contract the selection by 10 pixels, by going to selection/modify/contract. Now delete the area, of the darker brown layer, that’s selected. You should end up with a puffy dark brown border. Make another new layer and then create a white circle on it for the left eye. Zoom in to 300% and set the foreground colour to light grey and the background to black. Create an oval selection and then make a radial gradient, completing the left eye. Zoom back out and then duplicate the layer, moving it over to the right.

Part 2

Set the foreground colour to a light brown and the background colour to a darker tone and then create a large radial gradient for the snout. Zoom in to 300% again and set the foreground colour to a dark grey and and the background to black. Create a radial gradient for the nose. Make a black circle to the left of the nose, nudge the selection to the left and up by 2 pixels and then delete the selected area.

Part 3

Eraser any parts of the curved line that’s overlapping the nose or outside of the snout area. Duplicate the curved line and flip it horizontally, by going to edit/flip/horizontal, and then move it to the right hand side. Create the left sided ear by creating a subtle radial gradient and then a smaller one using peach colours. Move the ear slightly under the head, duplicate it and move it over to the right hand side.

Part 4

Next create a large, subtle radial gradient on a new layer, for the body. For the left paw, create a dark brown oval, and then a rectangle about half way down the oval. Use the same peach colours to create the palm and then use the transform tool to rotate layer.

Part 5

Duplicate the left paw, move it to the bottom and then use the elliptical marquee tool to create a curved ending.

Part 6

Finally, duplicate each paw again, flip them horizontally and move them over to the right. And now hopefully you will have drawn a cute teddy bear with this Photoshop tutorial!