Schuco was founded in 1912 by an old employee of the Gebrüder Bing, Heinrich Müller. Together with his partner Heinrich Schreyer. De company’s name was Schreyer en Co., was based is Nuremberg Germany and is better known as Schuco. The name is a contraction of ‘SCHreyer Und CO‘. After the first WW, Schreyer left the company and Adolf Kahn became the new partner.

The company mostly made ingenious designs, often with winding mechanism and miniatures. The trademark was a tumbler holding his feet. In 1921 the word ‘Schuco’ was added to the design.

Until the 1960’s, new series were made. In 1976 Schuco was sold to Dunbee-Combex-Marx.

See what kind of prices Schuco teddy bears made at international auctions.

Teddy bear examples

left: dance bear 1930’s, yellow mohair, DM 3.100 (1999)
right: yes-no teddy bear 1920’s, white mohair, DM 1.800 (2000)