Peppy the Polar Bear

Peppy the Polar Bear and Fox are the fronts for Fox’s Glacier Mints. Peppy is the relaxed polar bear that’s sitting proud on his Fox Glacier Mint and Fox is always trying to steal his mint. They appeared in TV commercials from the 1970s to 1987. In 2007 they starred again after being redesigned. Peppy now has a MP3 player and a mobile phone.

Fox’s Glacier Mints were created in 1918 by Eric Fox, one of the founders of Fox’s Confectionery. Peppy the Polar Bear first appeared on the package in 1922. In the commercials, Peppy is often on a mint that mostly resembles a small ice cube, clear and transparent.


Old commercial

Bumpers from 2007

In 2007 the characters of Peppy the Polar Bear and Fox were redesigned and animated for 10 seconds bumpers. They were shown between the programmes of UKTV Gold.