Peacock & Co

In 1953, Peacock & Sons was founded in London, England. They were manufacturers of wooden toys and games. In 1918 the company chanced their name into peacock & Co. Ltd.

Several Teddy Bears with the Peacock trademark have emerged. They all are from around the 1930’s. They had a horizontal stitched nose which resembles the noses of the Chad Valley bears. Chad Valley bought Peacock & Co. in 1931. They also made some bears under this trademark. The last listing of the company is in1939, in a London company book.

Around 1935, Chad Valley introduced a ‘Peacock’-series bears. They were real Chad Valley models, but with another label. Peacock Teddy Bears resemble Chad Valley bears, because they were probably made in the same factory, but sold under the name Peacock. Those bears are rare and reasonably valuable.


The Peacock label is a peacock with a spread tail, with the text ‘Hygienic Toys – made in England – Peacock’s Stores’.


A rare Peacock teddy bear with golden mohair, pronounced clipped muzzle, broad head with large cupped ears, orange and black glass eyes, black stitched horizontal nose, mouth and claws, swivel head, jointed limbs with felt pads, squeaker and red and white label on left foot

1930s, 26″/67cm high

(slight wear to tummy and other minor wear)

Sold for £ 1,116 (2001).