Oliver B. Bumble’s World

Left: An early Sir Bumble. On the right: A later Sir Bumble.

Castle Bommelstein. The castle where Oliver B. Bumble lives, the center of the Tom Puss stories. The further away you go, the vaguer the world gets.

Left: The first Tom Puss in the paper. On the right: A later Tom Puss.

The cottage of Tom Puss. In the neighborhood of Bommelstein, stands the cottage of Tom Puss, the country home of marquis the Cantecler en the home of miss Doddel. Further to the west lies Rommeldam with behind that the sea.

The Old Flash. The means of transportation for Oliver B. Bumble and Tom Puss. Already in the fifth story, sir Oliver buys the car, together with the castle.

Miss Doddel and Oliver B. Bumble. In the last story, sir Bumble marries his true love.