Karl Lagerfeld by Steiff

In September 2008 introduced a special Steiff teddy bear. Designed by Karl Lagerfeld, the teddy bear looks exactly like its creator. Dressed in a black jacket, black jeans, black sunglasses, a shirt with high collar, black silk tie and even a belt with the initials KL. The teddy bear was specially designed for collectors, with a limited edition of 2,500 and a prize of € 1,500.

When Steiff makes a couture teddy bear, they choice Karl Lagerfeld, the designer for Chanel, Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld collections. Two German giants in a special collaboration. The teddy bear is chic, hip, yet cuddly, and was launched by Steiff and Nieman Marcus in September 2008.

The teddy bear is made of alpaca wool, 45 centimetres (18 inches) and is jointed. The accessories are approved by Lagerfeld: black jeans, wool jacket, white shirt, silk tie with Swarovski crystals, leather belt with Swarovski crystals on the buckle, custom made leather shoes and black sunglasses. The clothing of the bear was made at the Karl Lagerfeld studios in Paris and is a unique and original Lagerfeld design.

The Karl Lagerfeld Steiff bear comes in a white box with the logos of Steiff and Karl Lagerfeld. In his ear he wears a white “button-in-ear, as a sign of his limited edition status.

“Bears are very nice, as long as you are nice to them,” mused Lagerfeld at the unveiling.